Enabling financial wellness for a modern workforce

Quicksalary enables solutions for instant wage payments to help motivate, attract and retain employees.

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We provide the fast, simple payments your employees need today

In today’s challenging times, workers frequently need immediate access to their earnings, even between pay cycles.


of employees think about their personal finance at work


report that financial worries impact their health


want access to earned wages between pay periods

Quicksalary help you pay your workers when they need it

Our solution allows workers to access their earned wages anytime they need it instead of waiting for the regular month end payday.

Simple &

We built Quicksalary to give both employers and employees peace of mind when it comes to managing money.
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Better payment

Create fast, simple, and connected payment experiences, able to deliver 24 hours every day.
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Streamline and simplify payroll

Replace outdated payment methods to deliver fast digital payments at scale.
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We provide solutions for some of the issues affecting employers and their employees

Improves employees’ productivity and engagement

Reduces absenteeism and health care costs

Retain and recruit better

Mitigates cases of employee theft and fraud

Eliminate administrative burden, risk and bias of administering employee advances

Trust, integrity and professionalism


We create value and solutions-based strategies imbibed in our services and products for


Employers and employees who seek to minimize payday hassles and advance payment issues as well as mitigate loan interests and meet recurrent expenditure.


Cutting-edge technology and efficient customer services that reduce the burden of the payment schedule and advance payment on employers.


Using efficient software tools and platforms that increase the financial convenience of employers and their employees with easy login and onboarding processes.


Our products are cloud-based with optimal cybersecurity at the satisfaction that comes with the comfort of convenience at the office space and on the go.

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For Employees

Help reduce stress over personal finances
Help increase control over personal finances
Reduce dependence on expensive payday loans


Start rewarding your employees right away