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Quicksalary enables solutions for instant wage payments to help motivate, attract and retain employees.

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We provides the fast, simple payments your employees need today

In today’s challenging times, workers frequently need immediate access to their earnings, even between pay cycles. This financial stress and uncertainty can impact not only the workers’ well-being, but also their productivity and effectiveness.


of employees think about their personal finance at work


report that financial worries impact their health


want access to earned wages between pay periods

Quicksalary help you pay your workers when they need it

Our solution allow workers to access their earned wages between traditional monthly or bi-monthly pay cycles, including on nights, weekends, and holidays. On-demand access to wages can be an important tool to help workers manage their personal finances, with benefits to both workers and their employers.

Simple &

Quicksalary is built to give both employers and employees peace of mind when it comes to managing money.

Better payment

Create fast, simple, and connected payment experiences, able to deliver 24 hours every day.

Streamline and simplify payroll

Replace outdated payment methods to deliver fast digital payments at scale.

For Employers

Help increase worker satisfaction and engagement
Promote increased productivity and reduced absenteeism
Help attract and retain dedicated workers


For Employees

Help reduce stress over personal finances
Help increase control over personal finances
Reduce dependence on expensive payday loans


Bank-level Security

At Quicksalary we take security very seriously. Data privacy is one of the core values Quicksalary was built on. We use state-of-the-art security techniques to make sure no unauthorized parties can access our users' data. On transit data is protected using 256-bit TLS encryption while at rest any sensitive data is stored only in an encrypted form using 256-bit AES encryption. In addition, proper monitoring is in place to detect and block any possible fraudulent activities.

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