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A better way to get paid

We believe in a workforce that is focused on people. We work with your employer to enable you to gain access to your earned wages instantly with Quicksalary. Quicksalary’s solution evenly spreads salary payment across the month to get the exact payment for each workday so that you can instantly gain access to the wages for the number of days worked at any time of the day from any internet-enabled device. We also provide financial management tips and promote a savings culture.

Keep track of your earnings in real-time

Quicksalary makes it easy to track your earnings throughout the month in real time to increase your financial resilience.
Instant Payment

Decide when and how often you get paid

Quicksalary puts you in control of when you get paid and how often you get paid. You can decide on the payment schedule that works best for you with your employer which could be daily, weekly, bi-monthly or monthly. Our platform is fully functional 24/7/365 so you can withdraw your earned wages anytime.

Get money management tips

We care about your financial wellness so we offer easy money management tips and tricks to foster a savings culture and enable you to budget better and spend wiser.

Save unused earnings

Since we promote a savings culture, our platform provides you with a feature that allows you to save flexible amounts of your unused earnings directly from your salary each month for free.

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Sign up on Quicksalary by providing us little information about yourself and your employer.
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Connect Employer

Connect with your employer using a unique employer code. They will have to verify and set up your profile.
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Get Paid

Get paid instantly at the close of work daily or choose when to get your earnings.

Why choose us

We've got you covered with other awesome features.
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Peace of mind

We give you the ability to access your earned wages from Quicksalary at any time. With this, you can resolve emergencies that may arise anytime.
Buy airtime


No need to wait in queues to cash cheques and no more high interests that come with bank loans.
Pay bills

Instantly pay for airtime and bills

Users can easily and instantly buy airtime from any network in Nigeria and pay for their TV and electricity bills from their Quicksalary accounts.

QuickCard ™

Power up your online transactions with a special prepaid card made for you.

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  Cash Withdrawal

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Quicksalary is not a loan. There is no interest, no penalties; we only charge a flat fee of NGN200 per withdrawal, regardless of the amount.


1. Is there any interest charged by Quicksalary?

No. Quicksalary is not a credit solution and there is never any interest charged or paid by the employee.

2. Is Quicksalary a consumer loan provider?

No. Quicksalary is a purely a technology solutions provider for employers. It is not a credit solution..

4. How secure is the data provided to Quicksalary?

All the data is hosted in the cloud. Data is encrypted at rest and in transport. PCI standards are used to maintain the highest level of data security

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