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Quicksalary is a cloud-based technology solution that improves employee productivity, retention rates and sales for businesses by removing financial stress from employees and giving them instant access to earned salaries and commissions.

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Why Quicksalary

Staffs that are not stressed and weighed down by immediate money concerns are far more likely to be more productive. They are also less likely to have to take time out of their work to sort out financial difficulties. These employees will have higher attendance rates and will be more engaged at work.

Reduced financial stress

Our platform gives employees the liberty to control when they receive their earned wages instead of waiting till the end of the month. When employees can easily access their wages to resolve whatever issue may arise, they become less anxious and more productive.

Motivate employees

Salary is one of the most important financial incentives and the traditional end-of-month pay can be dissatisfactory for some employees who require funds before pay-day. With Quicksalary, this problem is taken away because we provide a modern and redefined way of paying employees. The decision is given to the employer and employees regarding the frequency of payment or withdrawal from our platform. It can be daily (wages), weekly, bi-monthly, or the traditional end-of-month pay. When financial stress is taken away from employees, they become more motivated and productive.

Empowered workforce

Quicksalary enables employers and employees to discuss and decide how employees will like their salary to be broken down and spread across the month. Both parties can decide the frequency of payment or withdrawal from Quicksalary’s platform which can be daily (wages), weekly or bi-monthly. This interaction and decision make employees feel empowered because they feel valued when they have a say in how their salary is broken down and when they receive it.


Employees tend to be more loyal to organisations that listen to their needs. If employees desire to receive their earned wages before the traditional end-of-month pay-day and the organisation works with them to implement this, they will tend to feel valued and become more loyal to the organisation. With Quicksalary, employers can decide with their employees the payment schedule that works best for them


Motivated and loyal employees tend to stay with an organisation for a long time. At Quicksalary we aim to remove the burden of financial stress from employees to enable them to be more productive at work. When employees don’t have to worry about their finances, they will tend to stay with the organisation for a long time.

Get started with Quicksalary in just three steps

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Sign-up as an employer by filling and submitting the company information. Our team will review your information and activate your account.

On-board Employees

Invite your employees to your account, employees onboard online within minutes. Once the information has been verified, the employees' account will be activated and employees can use all services.

Employees Get Paid

Once the onboarding process has completed, employees get paid instantly at the closed of work daily without any hassles to you.


1. Is there any cost for an employer to offer the Quicksalary service to their employees?

No. There are no costs for the employer.

2. Does Quicksalary process payroll?

Quicksalary does not process payroll. The employer or their designated payroll provider processes payroll. Quicksalary does however offer a cloud based payroll solution.

3. Does Quicksalary integrate into an employer’s HR or payroll system?

No, Quicksalary does not require any system integration with any of the employer’s systems. The employer simply signs up to Quicksalary and will then receive a username and set a password to access the platform. Once an employer is enrolled, all employees automatically qualify to use Quicksalary services.

4. How secure is the data provided to Quicksalary?

All the data is hosted in the cloud. Data is encrypted at rest and in transport. PCI standards are used to maintain the highest level of data security

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